A Higher Sour

“Kraut Kween” Nadia Ernestus of Hamptons Brine makes wholesome and probiotic kvass and sauerkraut that have become so popular she could found a business empire. Instead, she’s keeping it humble.

On Fire

Bored with your basic barbecue? Consider un Asado, estilo Argentino. Laura Donnelly digs in to tenderly grilled beef and open-fire-roasted lamb. Pass the chimichurri sauce

A Fish Tale

The story of how your tilapia ended up swimming in basil and wine on your dinner plate is probably a more convoluted journey than Finding Dory’s. But, as the concept of buying local expands to embrace seafood, it doesn’t have to be that way. On an express trip from the ocean off Montauk Point to Nick and Toni’s, Carissa Katz traces a few pounds of premium black sea bass.

400 Acres

With its open vistas of brown furrows, then low green plants dotted with white flowers running in parallel lines to the horizon, Bridgehampton used to be famous not for movie stars and mansions, but for potatoes. Today, the Wesnofske clan holds on against all odds: a squeeze on farmable land, the increasing difficulty of getting to market, and the deeper question of who will carry on.

Round Swamp Farm has become a mecca, from May to December, for anyone who embraces locally sourced food and loves home cooking. And the successful business has preserved a fishing and farming way of life for a family whose roots have grown here on land and sea for three centuries.