• My Life in A Cult

    By Spencer L. Schneider
    Photography by Tycho Burwell
    For 23 years, he says, he was trapped in an ultra-shadowy group that stole from him his dignity, his youth, and his psychological freedom.
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  • The Secret Story of a Seafaring Citizen Spy

    By Glyn Vincent
    Photography by Various Sources

    The British fleet was anchored near Gardiner’s Island, when a modest merchant from New London — one of the unheralded heroes who plied the Sound in small boa

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  • The ABCs of CBD

    By Cornelia Channing
    Photography by Tycho Burwell

    Cannabinoids are being consumed in every conceivable way — from vaping to tinctures, lollipops to face creams.

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  • Zellweger, ghost, Worthington

    Ghosts of Winter

    By Erica-Lynn Huberty
    Photography by East Hampton Star Archive
    Long before Dickens and his Christmas Carol, the holidays were associated with hauntings. Pull your chair up to the roaring fire
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  • Just a Memory, Girl

    By Christopher Walsh
    Photography by The East Hampton Star

    What really happened at the Memory Motel that off-season when the Rol

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  • Roots

    By Cornelia Channing
    Photography by Various
    The story of how Long Island became the wine region that it is today begins, rather inauspiciously, with two twenty-somethings, a potato farm, and
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  • Voice of The Storm

    By Cornelia Channing
    Photography by East Hampton Star Archive

    Survivors of the Hurricane of 1938 recall the wind's haunting harmonic scream, the houses destroyed, the lives lost. 

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  • Trouble on the Half Shell

    By Biddle Duke
    Photography by Various Sources

    Oyster farming is a wonderful thing—for the environment, for foodies, for small-scale entrepreneurs.

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  • Fantasy Island

    By Zinnia Smith
    Photography by East Hampton Star


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  • Let's Rock

    By editor
    Photography by Nina Channing


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  • The Beatnik Drug Bust of '65

    By Christopher Walsh
    Photography by East Hampton Star Archive

    “It was the social event of the 1965 season, no doubt about it,” was the rather sarcastic opening line in The East Hampton Star’s Aug. 26 issue.

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  • by Levi Shaw-Faber · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by zoe cohen

    Like the California pop of 1960s and ’70s, the sound of Jack and Eliza is as warm and irresistibly bittersweet as the last day of summer vacation.

  • by Mark Segal · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Philippe Cheng

    How do two artists create a happy home among the billionaire hedgerows of Bridgehampton, raise a couple of good kids, and still manage to create captivating work? Bastienne Schmidt and Philippe Cheng have found the magic keys.

  • by Amanda M. Fairbanks · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by michael halsband

    As author of the Social Q’s column in The New York Times, Philip Galanes delivers sage and amusing answers to readers’ personal-life queries, from “Is it too soon to text back?” to “Can I tell my motherin-law her wigs are ugly?” This time we had a few questions about him.

  • by Jack Graves · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Durell Godfrey

    Rumor has it that the celebrity-studded Artists–Writers Game is looking for young blood.

  • by Christopher Walsh · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Jay Justin

    Alec Baldwin revives a town-hall style discussion series amid a historic election.

  • by Paton Miller · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Paton Miller

    When Paton Miller stumbled into Fairfield Porter’s studio in the 1980s, he found not just a workplace, but a surrogate family — and, hidden and forgotten in a corner of the old barn, a trove of irreplaceable paintings that would change forever his understanding of art, creation, and fame.

  • by EAST Staff · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by chelsea audibert

    Technically, they were told to walk, but Sag Harbor’s Legs ain’t walking anywhere. And why should they?

  • by Michael Shnayerson · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by

    It was 1973, the year Michael Shnayerson lived at the windmill at Quail Hill. He pretended successfully to be a tennis pro and unsuccessfully to be Kurt Vonnegut, and surprised even himself by defeating Geraldo Rivera on the court. Those long-ago memories of teenaged freedom were rekindledrecently, when he read a real-estate ad. . . .

  • by Christina Robert · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by From Recess by Sasha Frolova

    For a century, the South Fork has drawn them. Lifelong friendships have been made, beach-marshmallow traditions established, and countless love affairs begun with this preternaturally stunning stretch of sand and fertile earth. As Christina Robert — a filmmaker, novelist, and environmental activist — writes, growing up a summer kid has also sprouted something else entirely: roots and the inspiration for a big life.

  • by Amanda M. Fairbanks · Jul. 7, 2016
    Photography by Michael Halsband

    Round Swamp Farm has become a mecca, from May to December, for anyone who embraces locally sourced food and loves home cooking. And the successful business has preserved a fishing and farming way of life for a family whose roots have grown here on land and sea for three centuries.