• Monster Man

    By Pat Mundus
    Photography by Pat Mundus Collection


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  • Stranger Montauk

    By Nina Channing
    Photography by East Hampton Star Archive
    How did the hit Netflix show "Stranger Things" take its cues from the real-world legends of Montauk?
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  • Ghosts of Sylvester Manor

    By Philippe Cheng
    Photography by Philippe Cheng
    The old plantation on Shelter Island, once home to slaves and slave-owners, is a place where voices from American history echo through stairwells and attics, and the fragrance of the past grows th
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  • The Player

    By Ellen T. White
    Photography by Durell Godfrey

    Back in the 1980s, the tale of the so-called "Maidstone Con Man" captured imaginations well beyond the fairways of the storied club.

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  • Prodigal Father

    By Christopher Walsh
    Photography by Ken Walsh

    Rolled up and stored in a mailing tube, lying for decades in a New England attic, the canvas had collapsed onto itself at one end. There was water damage, too, effectively gluing together two sections of the roll. When it was finally stretched out, the paint had pulled off both sides, leaving foot-long white scars.

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  • Summer of Sam

    By Taylor Vecsey
    Photography by East Hampton Star

    Forty years ago this summer, two and a half hours west of here, a heat wave brought an already intense summer to a boil. New York City, litter-strewn and struggling, had declared bankruptcy. The blackout of 1977, lasting 25 hours and hitting most of the city, led to looting and torched storefronts. The Yankees were battling their way out of the blighted Bronx to win a championship. It was the summer Star Wars lit up the screen. It was the summer of Sam. 

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  • Trump Was Here

    By Nina Channing
    Photography by Doug Kuntz

    The Trump name is everywhere, on steaks, on schools, on beautiful chocolate cakes, on White House stationery, on hotels from Aspen to Azerbaijan. So why is the Trump name not in the Hamptons?

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  • by Amanda M. Fairbanks · Sep. 9, 2016
    Photography by Durell Godfrey

    Joe and Liza’s ice cream is fast becoming the South Fork’s favorite.

  • by Christine Sampson · Sep. 9, 2016
    Photography by doug kuntz

    For decades, the ideal garden and the pristine-green lawn has come at a steep price: chemicals that poison the land and water (and, sometimes, even people). But today, as Christine Sampson reports, there are alternatives — and they are beautiful, because pure nature is perfect.

  • by Irene Silverman · Sep. 9, 2016
    Photography by regina cherry, Russelll drumm

    A story about Stuart and Susanne — a legendary bayman from Bonac and a shrink from Berlin who forged a rare friendship, a bond of mutual respect that lasts even after their deaths.

  • by Laura Donnelly · Sep. 9, 2016
    Photography by Homer Parkes

    It’s a cherished family ritual that harkens back to calmer summer days gone by: the casual but delectable feasts for 10 to 20 cooked up by Tom Scheerer, the renowned interior designer

  • by Michael Shnayerson · Sep. 9, 2016

    Sag Harbor's African-American beachfront communities share a rich history, dating back nearly 200 years to the dawn of the whaling era. Now, their unassuming homes are being razed and replaced by a developer and his wealthy client, one of New York's biggest investment managers. As the pace of change quickens, long-time residents fear their sanctuary is in danger of losing its soul.

  • by Biddle Duke · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Durell Godfrey

    Some people go the Hampton Classic for world-class equestrian competition. Some of us go for world-class people-watching Some of the riders gracing the Grand Prix field are Olympians But have you seen the hats? 

  • by Amanda M. Fairbanks · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Durell Godfrey

    Darting between Sag Harbor, the city, and Palm Beach, Marc Zowine — possibly the most in-demand hairstylist on the East End scene — creates the perfect surfer blonde.

  • by Christina Robert · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Chelsea Audibert

    Bhumi Farms, one of the South Fork's newest and smallest community-supported farms, has joined the local charge toward a new food frontier.

  • by Jack Graves · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Craig MacNaughton

    At the age of 81, Gig John Ryan is the elder statesman of East End lifeguarding. Jack Graves talks with him about saving lives, narrow escapes, and what every kid should be able to do in the water.

  • by Michael Shnayerson · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by

    It was 1973, the year Michael Shnayerson lived at the windmill at Quail Hill. He pretended successfully to be a tennis pro and unsuccessfully to be Kurt Vonnegut, and surprised even himself by defeating Geraldo Rivera on the court. Those long-ago memories of teenaged freedom were rekindledrecently, when he read a real-estate ad. . . .