• Monster Man

    By Pat Mundus
    Photography by Pat Mundus Collection


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  • Stranger Montauk

    By Nina Channing
    Photography by East Hampton Star Archive
    How did the hit Netflix show "Stranger Things" take its cues from the real-world legends of Montauk?
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  • Ghosts of Sylvester Manor

    By Philippe Cheng
    Photography by Philippe Cheng
    The old plantation on Shelter Island, once home to slaves and slave-owners, is a place where voices from American history echo through stairwells and attics, and the fragrance of the past grows th
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  • The Player

    By Ellen T. White
    Photography by Durell Godfrey

    Back in the 1980s, the tale of the so-called "Maidstone Con Man" captured imaginations well beyond the fairways of the storied club.

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  • Prodigal Father

    By Christopher Walsh
    Photography by Ken Walsh

    Rolled up and stored in a mailing tube, lying for decades in a New England attic, the canvas had collapsed onto itself at one end. There was water damage, too, effectively gluing together two sections of the roll. When it was finally stretched out, the paint had pulled off both sides, leaving foot-long white scars.

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  • Summer of Sam

    By Taylor Vecsey
    Photography by East Hampton Star

    Forty years ago this summer, two and a half hours west of here, a heat wave brought an already intense summer to a boil. New York City, litter-strewn and struggling, had declared bankruptcy. The blackout of 1977, lasting 25 hours and hitting most of the city, led to looting and torched storefronts. The Yankees were battling their way out of the blighted Bronx to win a championship. It was the summer Star Wars lit up the screen. It was the summer of Sam. 

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  • Trump Was Here

    By Nina Channing
    Photography by Doug Kuntz

    The Trump name is everywhere, on steaks, on schools, on beautiful chocolate cakes, on White House stationery, on hotels from Aspen to Azerbaijan. So why is the Trump name not in the Hamptons?

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  • by Jennifer Landes · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Courtesy of Pollock-Krasner Center

    The Death of Jackson Pollock


    This August marks the 60th anniversary of the night when Jackson Pollock died, thrown from the wheel of his car into the woods on Springs-Fireplace Road. To this day, Pollock still looms larger than any of the legions of young artists who have followed his phantom to the East End — and a steady stream of curious fans, many of them born long after the great man’s death, still makes the pilgrimage to his gravesite at Green River Cemetery. Jennifer Landes reflects on what happened that night and why.

  • by Christopher Walsh · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Cleber Mello and Priscilla Rattazzi

    Coming Together to Save Our Ponds

    It’s a watershed moment for the South Fork environment: A group of powerful residents on Georgica Pond — a golden circle of the most beautiful and expensive real estate in the country — has

    decided to battle back against pollution. But saving our water bodies (and our drinking water) won’t happen without a mighty effort by us all.

  • by Christopher Walsh · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Jay Justin

    Alec Baldwin revives a town-hall style discussion series amid a historic election.

  • by Lang Phipps · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Philippe Cheng

    It’s sad but safe to say that we won’t see the likes of Tina Fredericks, real estate royalty, again. She didn’t just sell to the stars — she had her own star wattage. She befriended the mighty, but never kowtowed, and never neglected her clients on the other end of the socioeconomic spectrum. She died last year, but her vision and perspective live on in the dramatic, but ingeniously human, touches of the house she built on Georgica Pond.

  • by Frederic Tuten · Jul. 7, 2016
    Photography by

    I woke up in the morning speaking French and found that Pascal had came back, his left ear bent, like a furry maple leaf. I tried to straighten it but he pinched me with his needle teeth. He had been gone for over two weeks. I had plastered everywhere his photo and my number and a promise of a reward but no one ever called.

  • by Amanda M. Fairbanks · Jul. 7, 2016
    Photography by Michael Halsband

    Round Swamp Farm has become a mecca, from May to December, for anyone who embraces locally sourced food and loves home cooking. And the successful business has preserved a fishing and farming way of life for a family whose roots have grown here on land and sea for three centuries.

  • by Iris Smyles · Jun. 6, 2016
    Photography by

    (An exclusive excerpt from her second novel of the same title)

    You are unemployed, at best very unsuccessful. Yet you go to parties. Parties where you meet people who ask, “So what do you do?”

    You live with your parents. You share a one-bedroom with three roommates. You consider ramen a food group. You update your Facebook profile daily.

    Your job has no title. You work within a department. You’re an unpaid intern. You’re assistant to the intern.

    You stop people on the street and ask them if they like comedy, then push ticket packages to the “best comedy club in New York!” You stop them and say, “Excuse me, may I ask you a question about your hair?” You hand out free soap samples; nobody wants your soap samples.

  • by Biddle Duke · Jun. 6, 2016
    Photography by

    The right whale is an apt metaphor for a good magazine in the digital era: big, slow, mesmerizingly beautiful, and . . . verging on the edge of extinction. The sense of setting off into some unknown is also appropriate.

  • by Michael Shnayerson · Jun. 6, 2016
    Photography by Dell Cullum, Doug Kuntz

    HE HAS ONE of the last great farms in the Hamptons, 33 acres in Wainscott north of old Main Street, and he is, in fact, East Hampton's last bona fide potato farmer.