• Voice of The Storm

    By Nina Channing
    Photography by East Hampton Star Archive

    Survivors of the Hurricane of 1938 recall the wind's haunting harmonic scream, the houses destroyed, the lives lost. 

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  • Trouble on the Half Shell

    By Biddle Duke
    Photography by Various Sources

    Oyster farming is a wonderful thing—for the environment, for foodies, for small-scale entrepreneurs.

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  • Fantasy Island

    By Zinnia Smith
    Photography by East Hampton Star


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  • Let's Rock

    By editor
    Photography by Nina Channing


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  • The Beatnik Drug Bust of '65

    By Christopher Walsh
    Photography by East Hampton Star Archive

    “It was the social event of the 1965 season, no doubt about it,” was the rather sarcastic opening line in The East Hampton Star’s Aug. 26 issue.

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  • by Christine Sampson · Sep. 9, 2016
    Photography by doug kuntz

    For decades, the ideal garden and the pristine-green lawn has come at a steep price: chemicals that poison the land and water (and, sometimes, even people). But today, as Christine Sampson reports, there are alternatives — and they are beautiful, because pure nature is perfect.

  • by Irene Silverman · Sep. 9, 2016
    Photography by regina cherry, Russelll drumm

    A story about Stuart and Susanne — a legendary bayman from Bonac and a shrink from Berlin who forged a rare friendship, a bond of mutual respect that lasts even after their deaths.

  • by Carissa Katz · Sep. 9, 2016
    Photography by Carissa Katz and Wesnofske Family Photos

    With its open vistas of brown furrows, then low green plants dotted with white flowers running in parallel lines to the horizon, Bridgehampton used to be famous not for movie stars and mansions, but for potatoes. Today, the Wesnofske clan holds on against all odds: a squeeze on farmable land, the increasing difficulty of getting to market, and the deeper question of who will carry on.

  • by Laura Donnelly · Sep. 9, 2016
    Photography by Phillip Cheng

    The saga of the rise and fall and rise again of the woman behind Tate’s Cookie’s, Kathleen King, borders on Shakespearean. At the very least, King laughingly says, it could be a “made for TV movie.” Laura Donnelly reports.

  • by Carissa Katz · Sep. 9, 2016
    Photography by Homer Parkes

    The story of how your tilapia ended up swimming in basil and wine on your dinner plate is probably a more convoluted journey than Finding Dory’s. But, as the concept of buying local expands to embrace seafood, it doesn’t have to be that way. On an express trip from the ocean off Montauk Point to Nick and Toni’s, Carissa Katz traces a few pounds of premium black sea bass.

  • by Amanda M. Fairbanks · Sep. 9, 2016
    Photography by Durell Godfrey

    Joe and Liza’s ice cream is fast becoming the South Fork’s favorite.

  • by Biddle Duke · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Durell Godfrey

    Some people go the Hampton Classic for world-class equestrian competition. Some of us go for world-class people-watching Some of the riders gracing the Grand Prix field are Olympians But have you seen the hats? 

  • by Amanda M. Fairbanks · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Durell Godfrey

    Darting between Sag Harbor, the city, and Palm Beach, Marc Zowine — possibly the most in-demand hairstylist on the East End scene — creates the perfect surfer blonde.

  • by Christina Robert · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Chelsea Audibert

    Bhumi Farms, one of the South Fork's newest and smallest community-supported farms, has joined the local charge toward a new food frontier.

  • by Jack Graves · Aug. 8, 2016
    Photography by Craig MacNaughton

    At the age of 81, Gig John Ryan is the elder statesman of East End lifeguarding. Jack Graves talks with him about saving lives, narrow escapes, and what every kid should be able to do in the water.